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“I’m finding it difficult to find a specialist company to come and test our electrical appliances, cost-effectively,” a prospect told me today. “It means we run the risk of one our employees or customers having an accident which may lead to a heavy fine.”

Do you have these same problems?

If so, please fill in the above form, and I’ll send you a free information pack describing a proven and guaranteed service that will help.

As a specialist Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) company we’ve helped dozens of companies similar to you, save hundreds of pounds by fully explaining the legal requirements of electrical testing.

Our PAT Information Pack for businesses like yours will give you the full story.

You’ll receive an informative letter telling you about our range of services, who we work for, what our unique services can do for you and how we can work together.

You’ll also get a list of some of the customers we’ve worked for with what they have to say about us. You’ll get an explanation of our unique guarantee that ensures you don’t take any risk when you start using our services.

PS – If you require immediate advice on how we can undertake your electrical testing using our proven and risk free service, call me now on 0800 035 1246. The conversation and advice is free. And without any obligations.

A small sample of what
people have to say about us

Just one word “Fantastic”

As a call centre, we required the testing to be done outside our hours of work. This meant a very early start, and they had no problems at all.

The work was done very quickly, not disturbing any of our staff.

We will be using the company again, and I recommend them to all!

Mrs Angie Elliott, Office Manager, Homestyle Kitchens & Bedrooms, Doncaster

Unfortunately I was only around for a short period when this was carried out but have spoken to my Line Manager Gail Curtis who oversaw the work. She was very impressed with your workforce and commented on their pleasant manner and the efficiency they showed and would be happy for your company to continue this annual service for us

Mrs Jackie Betts, Administrator, Rethink (Severe Mental Illness), Rotherham

We have found the PAT testing service to be of a high and satisfactory standard. The service provided was efficient and thorough, as well as a reliable team they were also personable and pleasant on their visit to our premises

Karen Shore, Company Manager, Action Space Mobile, Barnsley

Very efficient service, worked while we worked with no disruption to the dalon, very accommodating tester, un-intrusive

Mrs K Williams, Proprietor, Identity Hair & Beauty, Liverpool

You, provided a good organised service, and had no problems helping us sort out the lighting in the building. I would recommend them to anyone

Mrs Christine J Lewis, Office Manager, Foris Solutions Ltd, Sheffield

Dear Neil, Your PAT testing facility was excellent. Tina came in and conducted the business almost seamlessly. It was a pleasure and the quality of documentation was exceptional. I would recommend you to anyone who requires this service

Mr Steven Hunt, Managing Director, Steven A Hunt Associates, Liverpool

Your service was excellent with absolutely no problems. Your guy was prompt, efficient and very polite. He tested and labelled every item and kept me informed and updated throughout the testing. I would have absolutely no problems recommending you to anyone

Beverly, Accounts Manager, Real Web Design, Sheffield

Ensuring employees are able to conduct their work in a healthy and safe environment is integral to creating a happy, healthy workplace. IIS are pleased to recommend to your company the PAT Testing services provided in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated legislation relevant to electrical maintenance.

Mr. Neil McDonald, a competent electrical testing operative, compliant with the IEE Code of Practice, visited IIS to undertake Portable Appliance Testing as a danger preventative causing the minimum amount of disruption in our workplace. We have no hesitation in recommending the services of this organisation to yourselves

Sandy Murphy, Business Development Manager, International Innovation Solutions Ltd, Sheffield

I could gladly recommend you to anyone. Their work was professional and prompt at a fair price and I will be using them in the future

– Mr Kevin Smith, Proprietor, Kevin’s Hairdressers, Barnsley

A good job, done well at the agreed date, and at the right price, I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

Mr Alan Lodge, Proprietor, Alan Lodge Road Haulage

You provided a prompt and service, which was flexible to our needs. Thank you.

Sue Earnshaw, Joint Manager, Learning Centre Network, Barnsley



Business owners and employees responsible
for health & safety please take note:
Even one electrical fault can leave
your company insurance void

Please Read This Important Notice Regarding PAT Testing Your Electrical Devices …

Issued: 21 June 2012

Dear Business Owner (& those responsible for health & safety),

     The information contained in this letter is important to your business. Please take 3 or 4 minutes to read this carefully.

     Just imagine for a second how you would feel if your staff or customers were electrocuted because of even one piece of faulty equipment or, unknown to you, a loose wire.

     Sadly, incidents involving electrical equipment are more common than you may think. For example, last year the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) published figures stating that there were 24,992 fires, 998 electrical shocks and worst, 30 deaths caused from electrical equipment.

     What are the legal consequences of such an accident?

     You could be taken to court and you and your business fined potentially thousands of pounds. Many real examples exist on the HSE website. One such case describes an employee being electrocuted and the business owner taken to court and fined £4,997.48. You can read the account on (type in case no: F06000229).

You can—and should—protect yourself and your business from electrical mishaps, possible prosecution and fines by having
your devices pat tested. It is low cost, and protects you 100%

     Without getting in to the fine legislation here, let me inform you that The Health & Safety Act 1974 will hold you responsible in the event of an accident.

     Further, the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 states that your electrical items should be maintained so that they are safe.

     The trouble is, we all assume electrical devices are safe until they go wrong, or until an electrical shock is experienced.

     It is natural to act this way. But it’s dangerous. And when staff and members of the public are involved, it is potentially very costly (apart from the health or life risk to the person involved).

PAT testing is now available to your company:
It 100% protects you, your staff, clients
and your business

     The Health & Safety Executive suggest you regularly visually inspect and carry out electrical tests on all your electrical items. This includes items like kettles, computers, extension leads, fans, your fax machine, and any other devices with a plug.

     The PAT test (Portable Appliance Testing) now enables you to have every device professionally tested and certified at low cost. PAT testing by a reputable company is accepted by insurance companies as legal cover. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) accept PAT testing as proof of compliance with Electricity at Work Regulations.

     Importantly, PAT tested devices are even accepted in the unlikely event of an accident after the inspection and testing.

     Your insurance policy will have words to this effect:

“You must comply with all relevant legislation for your policy to remain valid.” What does this mean to you? If you had a fire caused by a faulty electrical item you run the risk of the fire damage not being covered by your insurance policy.”

What Portable Appliance Testing Does

     Your devices receive first a visual examination, then an actual electrical test.

     The visual inspection searches for any damage to the plug, lead or the device itself. The plug is checked to ensure it is wired correctly and that the fuse is correct.

     The electrical test then detects any dangerous faults a device may have internally (usually invisible to the eye).

     Each of your tested devices is given a small ‘PASS’ label. The sticker informs you, your staff and clients and insurance company that each item has passed the important PAT electrical safety test, and is safe to use.

     Then, if any electrical shock is received by staff or customers, or a fire does start due to an electrical fault, the Insurance Inspectors will know by seeing the ‘PASS’ stickers that your items have been recently PAT tested (backed up your certificates and registers).

     If an item fails the test it is labelled with a fail sticker, and the duty holder (you, the business owner) are informed so that you can remove it from service to be repaired, or replaced.

     In many instances, our PAT engineer will be able to carry out small repairs on site, if you wish it.

     At the completion of the PAT testing, you receive a certificate, a register of all devices tested, and their results. This register is your proof that all tested items are covered for a period of 12 months. Should there be any shocks or fires caused, Insurance Companies will accept the PAT testing register and your cover is not at risk.

It is low cost

     To have your devices tested costs just £2.47 plus VAT (total £2.90). Unless your business is large, you probably do not have more than 500 electrical devices.

     There are no ‘hidden’ costs, or surprise charges. The £2.47 charge includes visible inspection, PAT testing of each device, certificate of compliance, labels and call-out charges which cover your items for 12 months.

     NOTE: If you have more than 500 devices, it costs just £1.97 per extra device.

     We may also make an initial charge of £57.00 if you have under 100 items.

What about damaged plugs that need replacing?

     We will replace them along with fuses, and any other small repairs at no extra cost to you.

How long does “PAT” testing take?

     Usually the whole procedure takes one hour for every 15-18 items.

A Company You Can Trust

     Safety Saints are fast becoming one of the most trusted PAT companies to use. They have highly trained testing engineers, they do the job fast and efficiently, and their charges are very reasonable.

     Plus, they are always at hand to answer questions, or attend call-outs to help you.

Here’s what companies say
about Safety Saints

“Your PAT testing facility was excellent. Tina came in and conducted the business almost seamlessly. It was a pleasure and the quality of documentation was exceptional. I would recommend you to anyone who requires this service”.
____________________________________________Mr Steven Hunt, Managing Director, Steven A Hunt Associates, Liverpool

“Very efficient service, worked while we worked with no disruption to the salon, very accommodating tester, un-intrusive”.
____________________________________________Mrs K Williams, Proprietor, Identity Hair & Beauty Salon, Liverpool

“Your service was excellent with absolutely no problems. Your guy was
prompt, efficient and very polite. He tested and labelled every item
and kept me informed and updated throughout the testing. I would have
absolutely no problems recommending you to anyone”
____________________________________________Beverly, Accounts Manager, Real Web Design, Sheffield

Book your important electrical device testing today

     Simply call free 0800 035 1246 (landline 01226 249 718) and one of our Safety Saints advisors will arrange a day and time to come and perform a full PAT test for your business.

     Or if you prefer, email with your company name and the telephone number you would like us to call you on, and we will do so within 60 minutes.

     I look forward to arranging your PAT testing and ensuring your business is 100% electrically safe and protected.

     Yours sincerely,


     Neil MacDonald
     Safety Saints

     P.S. – You’re covered by Safety Saints 4 part guarantee:

100% Risk-Free Set Of Guarantees

1. Guarantee 1 - No Payment Requested Unless You Are 100% Satisfied. You don’t pay until we know you are totally satisfied with Safety Saints PAT services.
2. Guarantee 2 - Peace of Mind That You Are Compliant. You receive the latest information on Electrical Safety from us on a regular basis. When your electrical equipment is due for re-testing we send you a reminder 30 days before it is due.
3. Guarantee 3 - No Hidden Costs, No Small Print. The price you pay is the price you were quoted. Not even a penny more.
4. Guarantee 4 - Date and Time of Arrival Guaranteed. In more than 97% of cases our Engineers arrive at the appointment within 15 minutes of the agreed time. If for any reason a delay is unavoidable the Engineer will call and let you know, as well as giving you the rescheduled time of arrival.

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